Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfect Weaknesses - Courage to Continue to Change #4

If Christ's "power is made perfect in my weaknesses" (II Corinthians 12: 8-10), then He has lots of opportunity to show His perfection through me.

Instead of being tempted to give up when faced with failure or weaknesses (ours and our children's), think of these times as opportunities to show Christ's strength.  Changing our perspective, can help us realize that we are silly to freak out about somethings, but should confront and be more concerned about others.

For example for my weaknesses:
1. Confront - Laziness and time-wasters such as too much TV. Only God can help me curb my appetite for mindless entertainment and addictive silly sitcoms. Maybe other moms will be inspired to change too, as I admit my weakness and desire to change in this area.
2. Don't Freak out (or be too Concerned) - Yes, at times I am an emotional woman. That is how God has made me. However, getting mad because I am upset for no real reason doesn't help things. I should seek God's strength to respond properly when only supernatural strength can help my hormonal attitudes.

Example for my kids weaknesses:
1. Confront - Dishonesty should not be tolerated. Our God is a God of Truth who answers our prayers for direction on how to discipline dishonesty.
2. Don't Freak out (or be too Concerned) - My daughter will probably grow out of her weird habit of putting her dirty feet on literally everything. I will try to remain calm as I clean the footprints off my walls again or as I wait for her to complete a task that takes three times as long to do with her toes.

"One of the devil's key strategies is to convince a Christian that God has no future for failures. The truth of the matter is, failure is sometimes the very experience that enables God to later use us and still get all the glory." - Jim White (Navigator staff member)

How can or has God been glorified in your weaknesses or failures?

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