Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reviews - What moms are saying about Sarah Holmes and WILD IDEAS

"This is a fabulous resource in teaching your children character qualities! It is full of great ideas, valuable truths and tons of activites that are doable (even for those of us who are not super creative!)" -BethanyG

"Sarah does a fantastic job of gathering hours of information and resources on different characters. She has it organized in an easy to read format too. It is so wonderful to have everything in one place with so many ideas and options." -Kristin95

"Great ideas for practical ways to teach your children about the Bible and Biblical character." -T Zeleskey

"Highly recommended! I have told so many moms about this and am excited when God provides other opportunities for me to share about this amazing newsletter." -J Wenning

"Lots of great suggestions... takes the work out of planning and preparing ideas for moms and enables us to just actually do the fun activities with our children!" -Jessica O.

"Researching and compiling a list of things to do is the launching point for spending quality time with your kids. Most moms can't make it past that first step. Wildflowers intiates the process for me and enables me to spend my time actually doing the activities, not just planning them." -H Ramsey

"There are so many ways to teach the character qualities. Sarah gives you everything you need to teach your child each quality. This summer we (a group of close mom friends) are leading a character camp with our boys called Mighty Warrior Camp. We all picked a character to teach by using Sarah's Wild Ideas as our lesson plan."-Kristin S

"It's a great resource for teaching your children if you are just starting out on the journey of teaching character development to your children." -Bethany M.

"I give this newsletter as a gift to new moms. It is perfect for new moms because it gives them a vision of preparing for their children's character development. There are many, many books on the market for children's physical development, but not very many resources for their character development." -Ann R.

"I have recommended it other moms! This is a great resource that appears in my in box monthly to remind, encourage and equip me to think about and teach character to my kids." -JJKKCC

"This news letter is full of fabulous information to provide your children with fun and interesting character training! Sarah does a fabulous job and our chilren LOVE to go through the books together!"-A Isaacs

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Services - To Encourage and Equip Moms

My desire is to encourage and equip moms to help their families grow in character:

1. Encourage - I am here to lighten and brighten your load as a busy mom. We only have a short time to instill in our children Christ-like character; however, our daily lives seem to overwhelm us and keep us in survival mode. I hope to offer you practical insight as well as fun and simple ideas to cut through the clutter and train your children so you can thrive, not just survive - making Biblical principles become alive and real in your family. If you enjoy this blog, then share it with friends. I can even come to your women's event for a time of character-filled fellowship and practical teaching tips.

2. Equip - I try to bring you fun and simple ideas and resources to encourage you and/or train your children daily. Every month I focus on a new character quality, and how to teach that quality specifically. I will post a few of these ideas on this blog every month, or you can subscribe to my very thorough e-newsletter called "Wild" Ideas for only $1.00 a month. I include family tradition ideas, fun activities, and stories. It is truly one of the best things you can spend a dollar on. See my website for more info and reviews.