Friday, June 29, 2012

Question: What side to Bring to the 4th of July Picnic? - 4th of July Fun #2

                         Answer: Patriotic Pringles!
These cans are simple and fun to decorate as firecrackers to add spark to your party or take as a side to your friends 4th of July picnic. Who doesn't like Pringles?

Simply poke a small hole and tie a short pipecleaner or string to the lid for the wick.  Then let your kids get creative with red, white, and blue paper, markers, scissors, and glue around the can.

The hard part will be keeping your kids from eating all the Pringles before the party.

Use this activity to spark some conversation about our Christian liberties or being a passionate firecracker for Jesus.

Note: It is helpful to label the lid so that people will know which of the great flavors of Pringles they can expect.

Go to my Pintentional Parenting Page at or tune in next week for more 4th of July ideas.

 Do you have any ideas for Patriotic parties you would like to share?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Download - Fun Frugalness

Click here for Free Download of Simple Stewardship
Before I move on to 4th of July Fun, I forgot to finish up with this month's free download of fun and simple ideas for teaching our focus character quality - STEWARDSHIP.

Click here or go to the Free Downloads tab at for three whole pages of fun frugalness and more.

Friday we will continue on our 4th of July Theme. In the meantime, feel free to tell us about any of ideas you have found that are great for either 4th of July or for teaching stewardship.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Do You Want to be a Star? - 4th of July Fun #3

picture from
Happy monday Moms,
In  honor of 4th of July, this week we are going to focus on shining stars. Do you want to shine like a star?  Daniel 12:3 tells us in order to shine like a star we have two options:

"And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever."
1. We can be wise -  If you don't feel very wise, this just may be because I think the wiser that you get, the more you realize that you don't know. Remember when you thought you knew everything?

2. We can turn others to righteousness - I am sure you agree that one of your main heart throbs is to turn your children to righteousness.  Isn't it nice to hear that you get a reward for doing what you wanted to do already. BONUS!

What are some of you favorite star activities or ideas?

Molding Lives and Jello - 4th of July #1

 Jello is an amazing substance! Have you ever thought of your young children as Jello?  Yes, they are wiggly and fun, but I am talking about the fact that they are so moldable.
As parents we have the most important job of molding young lives daily. Our actions show them what to do and become. They are moldable yet fragile.  Are you gently molding them into something beautiful with love and encouraging words, or tearing them down with criticism and impatience?
Just like wet cement, Jello becomes hardened and less moldable over time. The older they get, the less influence we have on our kids.
How do you sieze the moment and daily pour good molds for your child?
It could be as simple as making or eating fun Jello treats with them. I ran across this great jello flag mold for a quarter at a garage sale years ago, so now every fourth of July we have jello. Add White whipped cream and blueberries to red Jello and you have the perfect sweet and refreshing 4th of July treat. See the Pintentional Parenting Page for more holiday treat ideas.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bring Home the Bread! - Money Fights #3

I say, "We are out of bread (or other household staples like butter, cheese, milk, etc.). We need to go to the store right away."

He says, "It is fun to see how long you can go surviving on what we have. Wait until payday."

I don't know why I feel like a bad mom when I don't have the exact food or snack that my children want. My husband on the other hand relishes these moments to teach our kids patience, resourcefulness,  and gratefulness.  After the whining subsides, I am continually surprised at the fun meals that are concocted from the supplies in our cupboard.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised when I actually made buscuits a couple of weeks ago because we were out of store-bought bread and tortillas for so long.

What has your family surprisingly survived on when money was tight?

Free Family Fun in the Metro (OKC)

If you are looking for some great free events or activities for the family this summer or every weekend in OKC, Metro Family Magazine's calendar is truly one of the best places to go. I am signed up to get their weekend picks every Friday in my e-mail.

While you are there, check out my monthly column Character Corner and be sure to leave lots of comments about how you like it for the editor. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dave can Save Your Marriage - Money Fights #2

Money Fight #2 -
I say, "Where did that money go that was in my purse?"
He says, "Keep track of your purchases so we can make a good budget."

I really don't buy many large purchases, but my tiny purchases (garage sales, thrift stores, the dollar store, sonic, McDonald's, etc.) add up quick and are the hardest to keep track of. My husband does a great job of monitoring my debit card purchases using  For cash purchases, the Dave Ramsey's envelope system is superb at helping you stick to your budget and keep spending under control.

Basically when you keep a good record of what you spend your money on, you are able to make a good working budget.  A budget is just you telling your money where you want it to go. If you don't make a plan and keep good records, your wallet will start playing the old "disappearing money" trick on you, too.

This is just one of the basic money management concepts that Dave Ramsey teaches on his radio program, numerous best-selling books, podcasts, seminars, and in his Financial Peace Seminars. If you are struggling financially and your marriage is struggling as a result, stop everything you are doing right now and go to He is one of my favorite radio personalities of all times because he is a genious with money, practical and to the point, God-fearing, and entertaining.

Dave Ramsey even has a super storybook series for kids called Life Lessons with Junior. This set of books can drastically change your child's future. Put them in the budget for next month. Buy it through my link on Amazon

What money lessons do you wish you had learned before college or marriage?

Monday, June 18, 2012

If it's free, then it's for me! - Money Fights #1

Find this ebook and more free at
Today, I wanted to begin this short series about some of my personal pitfalls and the issues that my wonderfully wise husband and I go round and round about. I am hoping that you can learn from my mistakes.

I say, "If it's free (or on sale) then it's for me!"
He says, "If you were not planning on buying it already this month, then you should wait. You probably don't need it."

I love bargains, but I am tempted to buy things I don't need just because they are on sale. I am even worse at resisting a freebie - which by the way is not really free if you are required to use your time, effort, or gas money to go to an extra store, fill out a form on the internet, bend over backwords, etc. for it!  I should have seen a red flag when me getting my tubes tied seemed more appealing to me just because it was going to cost less than birth control:). I think my Groupon intervention is scheduled for next week. Maybe if I hide under all the junkie free stuff that is piled in my closet taking up my space and energy to organize, they won't find me.

P.S. By the way if you love free stuff too, you just haaaaaaave to go to - my new favorite blog about being a better economist. I just got four free Christian ebooks there yesterday!

This week and part of next we are focusing on money management, so I would looooooooooove for you to post any of your insight or ideas in the comment area about stewardship anytime the rest of this month.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Make Dad King for the Day - Dad's Day #7

the printable crown template at 
The one thing every man wants on Father's Day and everyday is R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Treat Dad with the respect he deserves for Father's Day by making him king for the day!
Here are some ideas of ways to give him the royal treatment:

1. Address him as King, Master, Royal Highness, etc.

2. Obey Dad immediately and completely (as usual :)) Let him know that he can command his "servants" to do anything he wishes, as he sits on his royal throne (the lazy boy, not the toilet). Dad can give silly commands like "jump on one leg all the way into the kitchen to get me a drink."

3. Make Dad dress the part with a paper or foil crown (see above) and scepter, with royal bathrobe or cape (sheet clasped together in the front).

4. Tell him how great he is while you feed him a royal feast (grapes, goblets of drink, and more) as he is fanned by his followers.

Tell me how your family shows respect or honor to the king of your home?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deals on Dinner for Dad - Dad's Day #6

This was a birthday dinner the girls and I made for my hubby.
Teach your kids about stewardship and make the Dad in your life feel special at the same time.
You don't have to spend money at a fancy restaurant to make Dad feel special. My husband would actually prefer to stay home and have a special homecooked (or at least home heated in my case) meal made for him.

Get your child involved as you plan, shop, and prepare dinner for dad. One of the best places to learn about stewardship is the grocery store. Use store brands, compare prices, stick to your list and your budget, etc.

I love coupons, but don't have time for them at this stage in my life.  You might try putting your child in charge of finding coupons for the things you already use.  Let them keep part of whatever money they save as an incentive and a lesson in frugalness.
What other ways can you teach your kids about stewardship or anything else at the grocery store?

Monday, June 11, 2012

More than a Mug - Dad's Day #5

My Husband's Mug - Summer, Kyah, and Jolie
Hopefully by now you have thought a little about what you plan on doing for your husband for father's day. Dads love for the kids to make or buy them something, but they usually are not expecting more than a thoughtful mug or a crafty card made with love from the little ones.  However, they may want a little more from you. I know your husband is not your dad, but he is the father of your children, and he likes to know that he is loved and that all he does for the family is greatly appreciated. Since our children are so demanding, Dad often gets neglected. This is your chance to make it up to him. You know your husband better than anyone else. If you think real hard, I am sure you can come up with something that doesn't cost anything at all that you can do to make him feel loved and appreciated sometime this week. Do you know what I am talking about?:)

Funny Father's Day Videos - Dad's Day #4

Father's bring such joy to our families! The house rejoices when Dad comes home from work. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful the way your young children are so excited to see you and your husband when you return even after just a short time apart? My wise husband reminds me that joy is a choice! I then remind myself that joy is also an act of obedience and reliance on Christ. Encourage your children to never grow out of their excitement to spend time with their earthly or heavenly father by being a better example for them. How do you think it would make your husband feel if you acted overjoyed and excited to see him more often?  I challenge you to be his biggest cheerleader!

Check out the plethera of great insight and resources at for father's day.  While you are there,  watch more funny fathers public announcements like this one that will bring you a little more joy.

How do the Dad's in your life bring joy or laughter to your family?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Theme Night for Father Fun - Dad's Day #3

You don't have to go out to have fun on the weekend.  Plan a fun theme evening at home anytime. 

For Father's Day it would be fun to pick one of Dad's favorite events or activities and get creative about recreating that event at home as a family.

For example, if Dad likes baseball, host a family baseball game complete with hot dogs, national anthem, big league chew, a trophy for the best dad and player, etc.
What are some theme evenings, you think your Dad would like?  OKC Thunder basketball anyone?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30 Day Challenge for Dads - Dad's Day #2

The best selling author, Meg Meeker MD. (Who has been endorsed by what I call the trifecta - Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson, Family Life Today, and Dave Ramsey!) has just released a sequel that would make an amazing father's day present!  This is what she has to say about her new book.  

"As many of you know, several years ago I wrote Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: Ten Secrets Every Father Should Know and it quickly became a national best-seller. Since then, I have heard from thousands of fathers who told me that for the first time in their lives, they understood how enormously they are needed in their daughters’ lives. And they also told me that they wanted to know specifically what they could do for their daughters. So, I got to work and I am excited to report that I am releasing a Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: The 30 Day Challenge.The 30 Day Challenge is just that. It is designed for fathers to read about 1- 1 ½ pages per day and then they are given a task to do for the day. Dads can read one of these challenges per day, or if they are really busy, read one per week. The purpose is to give fathers a “to do” list since so many have asked for it."

For this or other books Shop through my link, or find more amazing info and resources from Dr. Meg Meeker at  She has resources for Moms and Dads with boys, too.

Do you have any favorite father resources to recommend?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Does Dad Want for Father's Day? - Dad's Day #1

If you want to know what your dad or husband want for fathers day, it is very simple. All you have to do is sit down with them and ask them honestly what they want. You may have to ask some specific questions and do a little prodding maybe give some options; However, if there is something that they really want then they will tell you. Make sure that you are listening, and give them a chance to answer.
I love that men in general, are so very different from most of us. They don't play these little games, where they have to leave hints so that we can "surprise" them later. They won't say, "Don't make a big deal out of Father's Day," if they really want you to make a big deal. Ladies, I think we could benefit from being more wonderfully straightforward and honest like our men. Try it. I think your husband would greatly appreciate it.

For the first couple of weeks of June, we are going to focus on our Fathers. They are the core of our households. Do you have any great Father's day ideas or ways to bless the Dads in our lives?  Please share.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Frugal Summer Fun from A to Z - Free Download

Happy June and Happy Summer!

To kick of this month's focus on STEWARDSHIP and FATHER'S DAY, you can go to my new site that is still under construction to get this two page Free Download -  Frugal Summer Fun from A to Z  - ideas for lots of summer fun that don't cost lots of money. (Just click on "Free Download" above to go to the test site.)

This download will soon be featured on one of my new favorite blogs -!  If you love bargain shopping and organizing, you have to check her site out!

I would love to hear about any purposeful summer fun activities you and your family like  You can easily post these WITH A PHOTO EXAMPLE right on my homepage on the new site. Just pretend you are adding a comment to the blog there. I will soon repost these photo ideas (giving you credit) to the "Pintentional Parenting" gallery when it is up and running!